Yeast Infection While Pregnant

Discover A Way to Deal with Your Infection While Pregnant Naturally. A yeast infection while pregnant can be alarming, scary and a pain to deal with. Below you can see  a comment, from woman dealing with an infection during her pregnancy – what an issue it is.( Also you will notice her issue is reoccurring issue.) 

“im pregnant and i have been getting yeast infections over and over. I have tried pills, yogurt, oatmeal baths, cream. I am using the cream now and it itches and sometimes burns every time i use it i am wondering is there anything else i can do? “

-The Oatmeal bath will give you relief, but will not get rid of the infection

When I found this comment, and seen many others of the same and decided to dedicated this page for pregnant women with yeast infections. I was recently pregnant myself, lucky I did not have a yeast infection. I couldn’t image trying to put on a cream on the infected area. Especially being pregnant in the later months, you can’t even see your vaginal area. I could not even image trying to handle the cream and a mirror, with a leg up. But I can say that I was very much concerned with taking any kinds of medications of any kinds, and would rather have a natural way to cure what was ailing me. ( Before taking any steps towards treating your yeast infection during pregnancy, talk to your health provider.)

What Is A Yeast Infection

A yeast infection is of an over growth of the fungus called Candida albicans. More then 75% of women will get it once in their lifetime. If you would like to find out more about the symptoms please go here to, Signs of A Yeast Infection

Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

Did you know women while pregnant, you are more prone to get Candida because of the hormonal changes. Thank you HORMONES…

In the book (Natural Cure for Yeast Infection) Sarah will share with you how to prevent from getting a yeast infection while pregnant, since at those times you are more vulnerable to acquiring it. You will learn natural ways to get rid of a yeast infection, instead of taking those dangerous pills and creams.

Your Child While Pregnant With A Yeast Infection

One good thing to know that a yeast infection does not harm your child while your pregnant. But if you deliver while having an infection your child might get oral thrush. Oral thrush in babies is not the same as vaginal yeast infection. It can be taken care of by your infants health provider. THIS IS A MUST READ IF YOU PLAN TO BREAST FEED AND HAVE A YEAST INFECTION -> Something to keep in mind if you have intentions of breast feeding your baby. You might not be able to or be told to stop breast feeding your child, if your nipples get infected. (How is that possible if your child contracts oral thrush in there mouth, then they can transfer it to your breast. And you will have to stop breastfeed.)

Reduce Chance Of Getting A Yeast Infection

Fact: Yeast Increase In Warm and Humid Environment – So if you can keep yourself cool and ventilated.

These are just some suggestions on an attempting to reduce your chances. Make sure to check out also 10 Helpful Tips For Prevention .

  • If possible stay away from pantyhose and tight pants.
  • Wear cotton underwear.
  • If you have excessive sweating, change your underwear.
  • Change out of swimsuit as soon are you are done swimming.
  • If possible attempt to sleep without underwear.
  • Stay away from bubble bath, and perfumed soaps.

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