Treating Yeast Infections Naturally

Article By: Gina Stewart 
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Almost every woman has had to fight a yeast infection. Yeast infections, also know as candidiasis is a response to the lack of acidophilus, it can also be triggered by an antibiotic. Candida is a naturally occurring microscopic fungi or yeast that can grow exceedingly fast in warm moist areas on the body. Chronic or recurring yeast infections are caused by candida albicans, an organism that resides in the intestines, that leaves your gastrointestinal tract and moves to the vagina. Another type of yeast infection occurs in the mouths of infants called oral thrush.

Many forms of yeast infections can be treated with over the counter cures or a prescription from your doctor. Less expensive and more natural cures can be found in the supplement aisle at the local grocery or natural foods store. Garlic has been shown to combat a yeast infection effectively, “Garlic is one of the best things to take for yeast infections,” says naturo pathetic doctor Tori Hudson, N. D., professor at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon, and author of Women’s encyclopedia of Natural Medicine. Garlic taken in pill form with an enteric-coating helps prevent the active ingredients in garlic from breaking down in the stomach. Garlic is both anti fungal and immunity boosting according to Dr. Hudson. Many other natural remedies can be found, such as, tea tree oil extract, lavender extract, oil of oregano, and Oregon grape seed extract. Other herbs that help fight yeast infections would be goldenseal, and echinacea has also shown to help.

Probiotics is just one more way to combat yeast infections. Acidophilus can be taken in pill form or in live-culture yogurt. Acidophilus capsules can help re-establish normal intestinal health, according to Lorilee Schoenbeck, N. D., a naturopathic doctor with the Champlain Centers for Natural Medicine in Shelburne and Middlebury, Vermont. Dr. Schoenbeck recommends using acidophilus whenever an antibiotic is prescribed to help prevent a yeast infection, start taking the capsules the same time you start your prescription and for two weeks after. Acidophilus capsules should be refrigerated and contain at least one billion organism per capsule. Dr. Shchoenbeck recommends two capsules before breakfast and two before dinner, one hour before each meal, for one month. As with everything medical you should always consult your medical practitioner.

There are many ways to fend of yeast infections in the first place. Make sure to limit the amount of sugar consumed, sugar helps the candida grow. Dryness is very important to warding off yeast infections. Candida flourishes in warm, moist environments such as, tight jeans, bathing suits, sweaty exercise clothes and panty hose. Damp clothes should be changed immediately. Pure cotton underwear that is changed daily is another way to prevent yeast infections. Drinking water in large quantities can help flush toxins from the bodies system. A balanced healthy diet is another way to prevent an infection.

While there are many ways to prevent and treat a yeast infection be sure to consult a medical practitioner. A medical practitioner can make sure a yeast infection is what you have instead of a urinary tract infection or sexually transmitted disease. If you are pregnant or nursing a doctor can help inform you which herbs are safe to take, such as goldenseal, which you should not use. Check back with your doctor to be sure the herbs you have chosen have effectively cured the yeast infection.

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