Reoccuring Yeast Infections | Chronic Yeast Infections

You already know the Symptoms of a Yeast Infection; cottage cheese-like discharge, itchiness around vaginal area, or/and possible rash.  You most likely know how to prevent one as well (If not, I suggest you take a look at 10 Helpful Tips To Prevent.) This is not your first rodeo. Unfortunately, you are one of the 45% of women whom get reoccurring or chronic yeast infections. Some of you have had this issue since a teenager, maybe even a child.

Sick of the costly medication and the visits to the doctors?

 Most of the time doctors will prescribe, either a orally medication (Diflucan) or a vaginal cream (Terconasole). They can get very costly and have some side effects from taking these medication, as most medication do. Also there is no guarantee those medications will work.

*Some of those possible side effects of Diflucan are diarrhea, headache, dizziness, fatigue, and itching. Some have even stated they had usual red eyes. Diflucan is very hard on the liver.

(Find Out More About The Dangers of Diflucan)

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 Something else you might want to look into is some people seem to have recurrent yeast infections often. It is important for the physician to rule out diabetes in these people and limit the use of antibiotics.

*When people are placed on antibiotics and certain medications such as steroids, some of the “good” bacteria are also being destroyed in large amounts and it will then disrupt the balance of “friendly” bacteria.

If you are sexually active with a partner, did you know you could be re-infecting yourself. They (the man) could easily contract the yeast infection with out any symptoms, then once you have cleared up. You and your mate have sexual relations and you again have the yeast infection.

Did you know if you take in too much sugar, processed food and carb’s could be the reason of the reoccurring yeast infection? Yeast thrive on these kinds of things.

How much would you like to just throw away those creams and pills? And not have to take another oatmeal bath to just get some relief of the agonizing pain. 

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