Prevent Yeast Infection – 10 Helpful Tips To Prevent Yeast Infection

Unfortunately, a yeast infection is something women have to deal then men do, with one of the major reason for an infection being hormone changes, which affect more pregnant women. Below are some helpful tips how you can prevent yourself from getting another yeast infection.


 Don’t Mask The Issue Get To The Root of The Problem

Here are 10 Beneficial Tips To Prevent Yeast Infection

1. Stay away from tight clothes, yeast are prone to grow in warm climate. Try to wear loose clothing.

2. If you are sexually active, with your partner while you have a yeast infection abstinent or if you have to have sex. Make sure to use a condom. Last thing you would want to transfer it to your partner, then once you have cleared up you start all over again with an infection.

3. A Poor diet could cause you to be more susceptible for a yeast infection, if you live on the junk food diet or drive thru diet you might want to re-think about.

4. Hormones, (other then pregnancy) Are you on the pill ? Have you noticed that you are getting yeast infection same time almost every month. You might want to condenser speaking with your medical provider.

5. Watch Sugar (and high-fructose corn syrup) intake, sugar feds the yeast and will cause it to grow yeast quicker.

6. Yogurt, you want to look for yogurt that has live culture (lactobacilius acidophilis) and remember to follow the above make sure it doesn’t have sugar.

7. Garlic is your friend, now there is one more benefit of garlic. Garlic has in it a natural anti fungal substances that kill off yeast.

8. Exercise, this will help with building your immune system, but make sure that you change out of your clothes right away after the workout. Make sure to drink a lot of water to help flush out the impurities.

9. If you are having your menstrual cycle, do what you can to not use tampons, this is help deter from scratches. When you are using pad, make sure they are unscented and change often.

10. Watch your Yeasty Food Intake – Beer, wine, pizza and food that has been aged (example:cheese)

Bonus Tip

  • Stay Away From Douching as much as possible. ( Douching actually messes with your bodies natural  balance.)

You want to know your options, when trying to take care of a yeast infection.

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